Summer Lab #2: exploring and reframing

Ten finalist teams start their first full day of developing their ideas

agenda June 27, 2017

This summer The Spindle facilitates its Summer Labs: five engaging Fridays to develop ideas into prototypes via design thinking. Ten ideas were selected by the independent Jury to join the Summer Labs. Late June, the second Summer Lab took place.

‘To move from your personal passion on the idea to an externalized knowing of what is real’, said Geke van Dijk (STBY) in summing up the interaction after all ten Summer Lab teams that presented their research activities and greatest learnings.

The second Spindle Summer Lab was all about showing how well you the teams know their target group, the people’s problem that they’re trying to solve and what journey these people experience before they touch this solution. Some teams dove into the many tools that were available, some used their time wisely in retreating with a facilitator or expert and chewing on the business model behind the idea.

The day was intense (and for most too short), which resulted in a lot of ‘field work’ to prepare for next Summer Lab, in which all teams will start prototyping. The vibrant energy of the day along with everyone’s passionate participation, stayed for a while in the heads of the designers, facilitators and experts.

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