Stories to Inspire #10: Pere Pere

Successful journey of Ghanaian innovation

Pere Pere was one of the teams in the race for The Spindle Award for Best Innovation. Their innovation provides offline internet resources in remote communities in Ghana, to bridge the digital divide and to educate students and teachers. Founding member of Pere Pere is Ayana Mustapha, a passionate teacher and trainer. He shared with us how participating in The Spindle Innovation Awards has inspired him and what lessons he has drawn from this experience.

Participating in The Spindle Innovation Awards has strongly motivated Ayana Mustapha and his team. Knowing that so many people around the world voted for their project (706 votes), assured him that someday in the future Pere Pere will be the solution to various educational challenges in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Identifying problems
Ayana Mustapha believes that enthusiastic individuals can contribute in small but effective ways to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. When he walks around communities, schools and clinics, he tries to identify what problems people face. What are the most effective durable solutions to combat these? Mustapha: ‘’I see school children in the community striving under street lights to study at night along busy roads, dangerous to their lives.’’

He observed how school children are losing interest in school. They are not challenged by the traditional teaching method where a teacher stands in front of the class and dictates information for students’ memorization. Ayana Mustapha grew up in a community where a lot of his peers became school drop outs or parents at a young age. The lack of knowledge on life skills and family planning contributes to a vicious circle of challenges, which will grow bigger when the need for a good quality education system is not addressed. Accordingly Pere Pere brings offline Internet resources to help students learn. “We bring to Ghanaians a mooc (massive open online course) to help them learn even when there are no or few teachers’’.

I see school children in the community striving under street lights to study at night along busy roads, dangerous to their lives.


Bigger success
Ayana Mustapha is grateful for the enthusiastic support during The Spindle Awards voting period. It empowered him to look further and to focus on a strategy and planning to make Pere Pere a bigger success.

Ayana Mustapha and his team have worked very hard to upscale their pilot. They are reaching out to sponsors to spread their education money to other schools. This way Pere Pere can complete their pilot phase. The Spindle wishes them lots of luck in further upscaling their project and expects to hear more from them in the future!

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