Social Impact Challenge

ABN AMRO and Partos/The Spindle set up trajectory towards effective solutions of (financially) supporting civic activism

ABN AMRO approached The Spindle to be a partner in shaping their Social Impact Challenge, that ends during their Beyond Banking Days on June 8-10thOne of the ambitions of The Spindle is to connect willing actors outside the (Dutch) development sector with interests and topics that exist within it. That’s why The Spindle will help set up the Social Impact Challenge in 2018.

Since ‘human rights’ is one of the core focal topics of ABN AMROs corporate responsibility strategy, the bank is organising more attention around this theme. In 2017, ABN AMRO used its activities in the Human Rights Week to kick off their so-called Social Impact Challenge, in which relations and the network of the bank are challenged to come with solutions to pregnant social problems.

Civic space
ABN AMRO asked The Spindle to help shape the Social Impact Challenge. In a first explorative conversation, both parties agreed on the topic of ‘civic space‘ for the challenge of 2018. Worldwide the space for civic action is shrinking. This trend takes place in countries where Dutch development organizations are cooperating with local partners, but also more and more in rich, Western countries. This is worrying because it endangers the essential role of civil society actors in development. With the trajectory of the Social Impact Challenge, ABN AMRO and The Spindle aim to facilitate a community of practitioners to come up with solutions for real problems within the frame of reference of civic space. These solutions should also have the potential to be implemented within the organisations that feel the pain of the problem. Ideally, the solutions that come out of this trajectory will land in one or more of the participating organisations.

Shrinking civic space is worrying because it endangers the essential role of civil society actors in development.

Are you interested in the Social Impact Challenge or do you want to get involved? Jesse van der Mijl ( can tell you more about the challenge.

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