Future exploration team starts interpreting collected data

Exploration of future trends and uncertainties in first session

agenda December 20, 2017

What trends and uncertainties will be most impactful for the future of (Dutch) development cooperation? To answer this and related questions, Partos set up a future exploration team. They started interpreting all collected data during their first session last Thursday.

The world around us, and with that the world of development cooperation, is changing quickly. To interpret and anticipate on these changes, Partos – which The Spindle is part of – set up a trajectory of future exploration. The goal of this project is for all stakeholders in international development to be(come) resilient and adequately flexible towards the future.

The goal of this project is for all stakeholders in international development to be(come) resilient and adequately flexible towards the future.

Together with Perspectivity, Partos organises this future exploration based on ‘transformative scenario planning’. It uses scenarios not only to understand and adapt to the future, but also to change and challenge it. It offers a way to transform ourselves, as well as our relationships with one another and thereby transform the system of which we are part. Within the process of transformative scenario planning, it is important to involve actors representing the broader system. That is why Partos set up an exploration team with diverse backgrounds, to involve as much ‘perspectives’ as possible.

Trends and uncertainties
Last Thurday the exploration team came together for the first time. In this first session they identified trends and uncertainties. In small groups, every future explorer shared his/her own story about the future of development cooperation. Next to that, all future explorers chose one story out of the 100+ stories that were collected last month via an online inquiry. These stories are visible in an online interactive report. In this report you can find other people’s stories, expierences they have (had) of what they think are a signal of an unfolding future. The exploration team identified the main trends out of these stories. This led to a lively discussion. What are the most critical global trends that will affect development cooperation in the future?

Future Exploration Collage

The team also explored the uncertainties we are facing. This entailed the identification of key uncertainties, surrounding the future of development cooperation. Then the team made a first assessment of their possible impact. The identified trends and uncertainties are important, because they will form the basis of the outlines for the future scenarios.

What’s next?
The exploration team will meet again on January 11th in 2018. This second session builds on the trends and uncertainties identified in the first session, and explores outlines for possible future scenarios. During the third meeting on February 1st, the implications of the different scenarios for (Dutch) development cooperation will be operated. Want to be up to date on this trajectory? Follow the project page of the Future Exploration!

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