Crowdsourcing new & creative civil society partnerships

In today’s world we need strong and creative civil society partnerships, based on equality and solidarity.

agenda January 18, 2018

The Spindle, together with The Broker, is going to produce a publication full of inspiring examples of these ‘new ways of working together’. Do you know of interesting literature about or examples of these new kind of civil society partnerships? Let us know!

New creative civil society partnerships are important for different reasons: The world has changed dramatically over the past decades. Global challenges such as climate change, tax evasion, increasing inequality and mass migration ask for global solutions. Civil society has an important role to play in tackling these challenges.

At the same time, there is a worldwide trend of shrinking civic space and growing pressure on organizations and activists. What we need are strong civil society partnerships based on equality and solidarity. Partnerships that are resilient, agile and well-resourced, well rooted in the society, with strong links to other actors that are working on the global challenges. The SDGs, new actors in development, the internet and mobile technology and the rise of youth-led and issue-centered activism, are a few of the developments that provide ample opportunities for these new kind of partnerships.

What we need are strong civil society partnerships based on equality and solidarity.

Share your experience or interesting literature
With a publication containing numerous examples of new ways of working together, The Spindle and The Broker want to inspire you. What are possible forms of partnerships? If you know of interesting literature about (or examples of) these new kind of civil society partnerships, from own experience or not, let us know! Please share your information with Anne-Marie Heemskerk via

This projects is a follow up of last years “Activism, Artivism and Beyond”. This publication of The Spindle shows inspiring examples of civil society activism in a context of shrinking civic space. This years new publication will be presented at the Partos Innovation Festival 2018. The process of research and writing involves a network meeting with different stakeholders in civil society. So for further information: stay tuned!


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