Budding seeds in the Summer Labs

Innovative ideas are slowly but steadily maturing in our sunny accelerator

agenda July 18, 2018

The second Spindle Summer Lab has been completed. During the past few weeks, the eight teams have been further developing their idea by using creative tools, human centred-design methods and the inspiring guidance of facilitators And The People and STBY. Their young ideas are slowly becoming more defined and mature. Innovation for the Dutch development sector is growing!

Adding value to development cooperation
The first two Labs focused on exploring the content and context of the ideas. Each team completed an exploratory research in which they focused on the WHO, WHAT and WHY of their innovation. In other words, what is the added value of each idea to development cooperation and who will eventually benefit from the innovation?

After the first Lab, teams were put to work with a classic portion of homework. Each team was asked to finish their research and to bring their obtained raw data to the second Summer Lab. This preparatory work enabled each team to start right away with creating personas and a customer journey map. Also, it was now possible to identify relevant stakeholders for each innovation. By taking these steps each idea will transform from a young seedling to a more viable innovation. Each Lab will take each idea to a higher level!

The future of development cooperation
For the upcoming Summer Lab in August, Bart Romijn, director of Partos, is invited. He will provide the teams with valuable insights about what the future holds for development cooperation. The participants will then get a better understanding of how to implement their innovative idea in this constantly changing field. The prime focus of the next Summer Lab will be on ideation and prototyping. So, enough exciting things to look forward to!

The grande finale at the Partos Innovation Festival
We are only halfway through our accelerator and so much more exciting news and developments are lying ahead. Keep an eye on our website to stay up to date about this moving adventure. To find out which innovative idea will run off with our prestigious award, we invite you to join us at the Partos Innovation Festival on October 11th. Buy your tickets now to get guaranteed access to a day full of inspiring talks, interactive workshops and the grande finale of The Spindle Summer Labs!


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