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Who will win the Public Award for Best Innovation 2018?

agenda October 1, 2018

During the last three weeks, 56 teams were in the running for the Public Award for Best Innovation 2018. The deal was quite simple: gain as many public votes for your innovation as possible. Ask your family, friends, colleagues and other networks or communities to cast their online vote. And just be creative!

Interim score
Last week we updated all teams with an interim score. They found out which 10 teams were leading the charts at that very moment. Teams used these insights as an extra motivation to go on with their campaign since differences were pretty small. It became clear that they did not underestimate the power of their social networks! Various teams gave a final push to get themselves in the top three …

The final 3 nominees
Yesterday, Sunday 30th at 23.59th the lines got closed. All these weeks we kept a close eye on incoming votes and we can promise you at some points it was a close call!

The teams that made to the top 3 will be informed today, or tomorrow at the latest. 

What’s to win?
The public decided who will win the following prices within the Public Award for Best Innovation.

  • An award granted to the winner
  • A fundraising clinic by Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy for the winner
  • A fully supported crowdfunding campaign by 1% Club for numbers 1, 2 & 3
  • Potential crowdsourced support and consultancy by employees of GoodUp‘s member organisations

The word is out!

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