These are the finalists of the NOW-Us Award! and Award for Best Innovation 2018

Yesterday was the moment of truth: the semi-finals!

agenda October 10, 2018

October 9th,  The Hague Humanity Hub

Finally, the moment where lots of teams had been waiting for arrived: the day of the semi-finals for the Award categories NOW-Us! and Best Innovation for Development. Exciting, nerve-wracking, stressful – call it what you want. But one thing is for sure: all teams did a more than an excellent job. Apart from which initiatives made to the top 3, all teams were considered as winners. From all the applications they made it to the last 10 of their category and each of them worked their tails off. Therefore, we congratulate all teams with this achievement!

For both categories, the procedure of the semi-finals was the same. It started with a one-on-one Q&A with the jury of their category. All teams prepared this moment down to the last detail! After, they were able to catch some breathe again and to prepare for the final obstacle: pitching the initiative for the juries and the audience. It was the last moment of truth … And we can assure you, it was impressive, inspiring, and of course: innovative!

For the teams, the hardest part of the day was ‘a wrap’! It was time for the juries to withdraw and to make the very difficult decision: who would make it to the final top three?

The three nominees for the NOthing about us, Without Us! Award

Well, let’s get it over with! These NOW-Us! teams made it to the finals:

The three nominees for the Award Best Innovation for Development

These initiatives from the Best Innovation for Development category made it to the final top 3:

A special congratulations to them and we wish you all the luck for tomorrow! Then the nominees will know who will win the Awards at the Partos Innovation Festival.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Atta de Tolk, for doing a wonderful wrap up of the evening. As a word artist, he did an astonishing rap that summarized the whole evening. He made sure that we celebrated innovation within development cooperation together. For those who are coming to the Partos Innovation Festival tomorrow: lucky you! Atta will perform here as well!


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