Deadline Call for Innovations

Do you have the winning innovation The Spindle is looking for? Entries for Best Innovation close at August 31st, 23:59h Amsterdam time.

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Today is the deadline to apply for The Spindle Award for ‘Best Innovation 2017’. Win €5000 for a scale-up strategy plus a grant writer for a day!

Have you recently developed a new way of approaching a challenge at work? Wrote a new policy? Provided a new service? Or delivered a new programme that changes the way things were done before? Did you basically find a new solution to a problem recently that your target group would consider to add value? Then you might have an innovation in your hands that could win The Spindle Award for Best Innovation. Dare to share!


How does it work?

You can apply by filling out the form on the Best Innovation page. Needless to say, as The Spindle works within the realm of international development, we expect your application to fall into our thematic scope. Make sure you check the selection process, our list of criteria and the terms and conditions. Any questions? Our team is ready to answer them at (t) 020-320 99 01 or

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