Internet of Things for development

A first introduction on this subject: what will and can the Internet of Things mean for development?

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Today, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is improving the day-to-day lives of people around the world. Connected sensors are monitoring traffic patterns and can improve transportation options.

Connected information flows are improving health care systems and basic government services such as safety, fire and utilities. Sensors help monitor critical vaccins through the use of connected thermometers. Farmers can be alerted my moisture sensors, and acoustic sensors in rainforests help to curb illegal logging. A waterpump can ‘call’ for maintenance, a cow can be in need of medicines….
What if we dream of possibilities and make them come true?!
But at this early stage of adoption, how can the deployment of these technologies be improved in and for development countries? What could be done with the data obtained by these minitiaturized, embedded, automated evironment of devices communicating constantly and automatically? What if we dream of possibilities and make them come true?!


Internet of Things for development
September 14 from 16.00-18.30 hours (Location: Partos office, Ellermanstraat 18b Amsterdam), The Spindle offers you a first introduction on this subject: Internet of Things (IoT), what will and can it mean for development? IoT experts like Reinier van den Biggelaar  from Bastagroup will be present, give an introduction and help us see the possibilities in our work! Please be welcome and sign-up below at the subscription form.
After this introduction in September, The Spindle aims for INGOs to get together with some IoT entreprises to put ideas into practice! Oxfam Novib already is one of the eager organisations wanting to accelerate things. Who is joining?

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