New Waves of Civic Power - Presentation Trends report

The launch of the first trends report: 'Activists, Artivists and Beyond - Inspiring Initiatives of Civic Space'

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We cordially invite you to join us for the launch of the first trends report: ‘Activists, Artivists and Beyond – Inspiring Initiatives of Civic Power’ on Monday, June 26th at Dudok, the Hague.

Individuals and civic groups have enormous potential to help to create a better world. However, in many countries civic space is shrinking because of all kinds of legal, financial and other restrictions imposed by governments and others. By all means we have to circumvent these restrictions and seek new ways to mobilise support for free civic space; support by politicians, private sector, and others. During the program we will examine the innovative ways activists and organisations work around the serious obstacles within the shrinking civic space. The afternoon is moderated by Charles Groenhuijsen. With contributions from Abir Sarras (Love Matter Arabic project, RNW Media), Danny Sriskandarajah (Civicus), Yannicke Goris (the Broker), To Tjoelker (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Femke Wijdekop (IUCN Netherlands), Frans Bieckmann (the Broker), Barbara Oosters (Oxfam Novib), politicians (to be confirmed) and more.

By publishing the trends report, Partos wants to address the need for a strong civic space and a dynamic civil society and ensure this is on top of mind for politicians, private businesses and social organizations.

Why Civic Space?
Worldwide the space for citizens and social organisations is shrinking. This trend is seen in countries where Dutch organisations work together with local partners, but more and more you can find it in the wealthy Western countries as well. This alarming trend threatens the essential role of activist and social organisations. Therefore, it is crucial to protect and expand this ‘civic space’: the space where people are free to communicate, participate and organise themselves without barriers.

Trends report: Activists, Artivists and Beyond
Around the world people are responding to forces that threaten their rights and freedoms in creative and inspiring ways. Every year CIVICUS publishes the ‘State of Civil Society’ report, which maps the many ways and places in which our civic space – the arena in which civil society operates – is under attack.

For the past months, a team of The Spindle and The Broker has researched the vibrancy and innovativeness of civil society around the world, showcasing the various ways in which organizations and activists are overcoming obstacles that limit their civil rights and freedoms. The trends report has been created in cooperation with The Broker and CIVICUS.

Join us!
Date: Monday, June 26th
Location: Dudok, Den Haag
Start: 15.00h. After the official programme ends at approximately 5.30 pm, there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss matters further over a drink.

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Dutch spoken event, English keynote (Publication of the Trends report is in English)

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