The future with Data Literacy

What are the possibilities of data literacy for development organisations?

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In 2018, The Spindle and HumanityX (Centre for Innovation of Leiden University) collaborate in organising a series of monthly inspirational working sessions for our mutual communities! In these sessions, we’ll explore the relevance of (technological) trends for the future of development cooperation. The sessions are high in energy and always involve an expert. See what’s going on and get more grip on the implications and ideas that would work!

Data Literacy
Data literacy is the ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as information. Although data visualisations are one of the most important and powerful tools we have to show and share data, it’s just as easy to mislead as it is to educate using charts and graphs. In this session we will show you real life examples of how data can be used to mislead and lie, and we’ll give you guidance on how how to stay critical of data visualisations. Read more about data literacy here.

The session
This future session will be organised together with Josje Spierings. Josje works for Leiden University and Center4Innovation and is head of secretariat from the International Data Responsibility Group, where she aims to advance the agenda of responsible data use for vulnerable and crisis affected populations. Participate, discover and find out what the possibilities are for data literacy in your organisation.

At the end of the meeting (17:15-17:45), the Launch of the Data Responsibility Report by IHL will take place. As part of the LL.M. Public International Law (reg.) the Kalshoven-Gieskes Forum on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) offers a select number of students the opportunity to participate in the International Humanitarian Law Clinic (IHL Clinic). The IHL Clinic allows students to work (pro bono) on specific projects involving issues of international humanitarian law and to gain valuable practical experience in this area. The projects are selected by the Forum in cooperation with its cooperation partners. This year, in cooperation with the partner OAM Consult, one the IHL Clinic teams focused on the topic of investigating what a responsible approach to data entailed.  If you wish only to attend the launch event itself please send an email confirming attendance to

What can you expect from it?

  • Increasing understanding of new (technology) trends.
  • Identifying potential applications and use cases with real-life examples.
  • Knowing how to start leveraging these opportunities for your organisation.
  • Knowing trajectories to bring ideas further, the networks and methods to do so.

Location: The Hague Humanity HubFluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague
Date: Tuesday the 26th of June
Time: 15.30h-18.30h with networking drinks after!

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The future with Data Literacy

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