The Spindle Summer Labs #3

Create & Reflect

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Session 3 – Create & Reflect
By this session the teams are full in swing with their ideation and may be deliberating a few directions they can take their projects in, but they are also likely to still have difficulties in making clear choices about what is most desirable, feasible and viable. Participants finally have a clear concept direction that is ready to be prototyped and tested.

The Spindle Summer Labs
Innovative ideas or solutions that contribute to an inclusive, just and sustainable world will work towards a pilot-proposition throughout the summer. During five intense Fridays, eight teams will further develop their idea, guided by design agencies STBY and AndThePeople. They are competing for The Spindle Award for Best Idea 2018. On the Partos Innovation Festival, the top 3 will pitch their idea and win a cash prize. The best idea will run off with our prestigious Award!

Entries are closed for Best Idea / Summer Labs. But you can still apply for one of our other Awards until 31 July!

Anti-Malaria Drones

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Narrative Assessment

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