The Efficiency Lab

How do we work on efficiency in international development?

Anne-Marie Heemskerk
Anne-Marie Heemskerk
Posted in: Making Data Count
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In April 2017, a core group was formed representing financial control staff, program directors and M&E professionals,  to guide a new learning trajectory on efficiency, named The Efficiency Lab. Keep an eye on the news and/or events page to stay up to date on the subject!

Can the same be achieved with less resources? Or can more be achieved with the same resources?

Struggling with efficiency

Development organisations need to get insight in efficiency. Have the resources been spent well? Can the same be achieved with less resources (or more with the same resources)? Many organisations are involved in conducting pilots of new approaches or testing prototype solutions. To determine scalability, it is crucial to know how these costs compare with conventional solutions. The aim of the efficiency lab is to develop a common understanding about the concept of efficiency, and to identify and/or develop a repertoire of appropriate and proven methods for monitoring efficiency, that meet requirements and take into account the complexity of the situations in which they operate.

Team members

Anita van der Laan
Arnold van Willigen
Woord en Daad
Jan de Vries
Jeroen Bolhuis
Plan Nederland
Kees Kolsteeg
Margriet Poel
Marieke de Vries
CNV Internationaal
Mark Kirkels
War Child
Peter Das
Simon Bailey
Ton Meijers
Oxfam Novib

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