22 ideas: The Spindle Summer Labs are off to a flying start

With 22 creative and innovative project ideas running for The Spindle Innovation Award for ‘Best Idea', the Summer Labs are ready to start off this Friday.

agenda June 6, 2017

This Friday, during Summer Lab #1, all applicants will briefly pitch their idea for the jury and the Inspiration Council, after which the ten best ideas will be selected to participate in the other Summer Labs: four more Fridays in July / August / September.

In close collaboration with Spring House design thinkers, the ten project teams will then develop their ideas into prototypes that support and stimulate innovation within international development. In a few weeks, you’ll be able to follow all ten project progressions on this website.

Below you find a longlist of all ideas that are competing for The Spindle Innovation Award, Best Idea 2017. We will announce soon which ten ideas are selected by our jury to join The Spindle Summer Labs!

BlockFruit | Rogier Verschoor
Make international supply chains inclusive and sustainable with blockchain technology.

Cash for WASH | Foteini Katzilaki and Selma Hilgersom
Empower children and youth through improved health and financial inclusion.

Can we use online data for offline impact? | Gabriela Terrazas
Explore ways to leverage our experience gathering, scraping and analysing online data we obtain from our digital platforms, to positively change people’s lives on the ground and in real time.

Change Gamers | Myrthe Lanting, Sophie Kiesouw, Samantha van den Bos
A multi stakeholder game that brings NGOs and social enterprises together, focused on solving real-world issues and empowering stakeholders to collaborate in new ways.

Citizen Science for Sustainable Development | Selma Hilgersom
All citizens around the world have the potential to be ‘citizen scientists’ and can safeguard their environment by participatory observations in monitoring water quality.

Compensaction | Romie Goedicke
Helps to compensate the social and environmental impact of your everyday consumer actions by supporting a project related to your impact with every online purchase you make.

Crossborder enterprise-for-design | Gaia Armellin
An e-commerce platform as window for social projects that create sustainable product designs, whose workers are stigmatised people, excluded by society.

Data Walks | Suzanne Hoeksema
Offers organisations an accessible and meaningful way to analyse data together with communities and other stakeholders.

Desert Ice Project | Ivaylo Avramov
The transportation of water, ‘excess drifting icebergs’, to the nearest places in need of water, to use for massive irrigation and agriculture.

Farming Africa | Marc van der Sterren
Empowerment of smallholder family farmers by providing them access to independent information, to stop hunger.

Gaming Back | George Weiss
Designing scenes within online games played by right-wing- and jihadist extremists that subtly provoke them to reduce or change their aggressive behaviour.

IOT for the poor | Boris Alberda
Explore the IOT opportunities and solutions with other INGOs, how Dutch and international companies can come up with solutions to make IOT programs more effective.

Millennial Leadership Lab | Seren Dalkiran
Aspires to drive innovation by becoming a leading knowledge base and data-driven platform that generates solutions for and around the Millennial Generation.

Money Track | Herve Francois
Make NGO expenses tracking easy, transparent, trust worthful and available in real time with Blockchain and Distributive Ledger Technology, for better audit and result reporting to donors.

Narrative Assessment | Margit van Wessel,  Wenny Ho,  Bodille Arensman
A new method for evaluating advocacy, centres on the collective construction and examination of stories with a Theory-of-Change approach.

Natuvet | Rogier Verschoor
Natural medicines for treatment of mastitis and other inflammatory diseases.

PEER | Saskia Geurtzen
Online platform that creates the opportunity for hands-on, pro-active volunteers in Europe to get in touch with development organisations in developing countries.

Sharing Human Energy (SHE) | Yvo Hunink
Increase energy access, democratise energy ownership and maintain sustainable development through a digital monitoring platform based on blockchain infrastructure.

Scale UP SkinApp Yolanda Jansen and  Liesbeth Mieras
A mobile app to help identify and treat skin diseases at peripheral level.

Stepcharge Hans Paul
Energy generating insoles to help hikers and mobile heavy users to charge their devices simply by walking.

Wajenzi | Alain Nkurikiye
A crowdfunding platform to promote migrant investment in SMES in the homeland.

ZINC | Toufic Alrjoula
A decentralized application for Birth Notification & Registration through blockchain technology.

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