High-spirited kick off Summer Labs

To create an opportunity for the sixteen participants to share their ideas with others, receive feedback and learn from each other.

agenda June 12, 2017

Sixteen pitches of sixteen creative ideas by sixteen enthusiastic contestants. An inspired jury, critical but helpful peers and good vibes. Those were the ingredients for the first Summer Lab last Friday (June 9th), organised by The Spindle.

All participants sent in an idea to compete for The Spindle Innovation Award: Best Idea 2017, an award for innovation in international development. Everyone that sent in an idea, was invited by The Spindle to join this Summer Lab to pitch their idea in front of others, among them the jury for the Awards. The ten best ideas join the rest of the Summer Labs, four more Friday afternoons at Spring House Amsterdam, to create a prototype of their idea via design thinking.

The whole vibe was lovely. There was an interesting network, there were creative approaches and there was energy in the room. – a participant

The purpose of this first Summer Lab, next to showing the jury the innovative ideas, was to create an opportunity for the participants to share their ideas with others, receive feedback and learn from each other. The result was a fun afternoon where everyone cheered loudly for the pitchers and crisscrossed through the room to handover feedback or make connections. Some members of The Spindle Inspiration Council stayed the afternoon to think along with the contestants.

What’s next?
Out of all applications for ‘The Spindle Innovation Awards: Best Idea 2017’, ten ideas will join our Summer Labs. Soon you can find here which ideas are selected by the jury! After these workshops and courses in June, July and August, the jury will select three nominees to pitch at the Partos Innovation Festival in October – out of which one will win the award for ‘Best Idea 2017’, 5000 euro of seed money, a grant writer for a day and exposure to a big network of development organisations.

The participants of the selected teams actively engage in Design Thinking as a process for problem-solving. Besides sharing innovation insights and knowledge, the experienced Spring House team of facilitators ensure that creative support and coaching is provided when needed. Every part of the program will be customized to the need of the selected teams. In the last Summer Lab, every team will present their completed prototype.

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