Summer Lab #4: Lift-off

A day full of dreams and creative brainstorming sessions

agenda August 22, 2017

This summer The Spindle facilitates its Summer Labs: five engaging Fridays to develop ideas into prototypes via design thinking. Ten ideas were selected by the independent Jury to join the Summer Labs. On August 18th, the fourth Summer Lab took place.

Designing a logo and website, creating a funding mechanism and producing a pilot were some of the dreams that The Spindle Summer Lab teams envisioned at the start of the fourth Summer Lab. During the rest of the day, the teams collaborated with creative co-designers and coaches in brainstorming sessions to turn these dreams into reality.

The different teams all worked on ‘telling their story’. Some teams focused on creating a storyline to attract future investors. Others worked on translating their ideas into understandable narratives.

This day full of creative brainstorming, resulted in the first drafts of a personalized pitch book, which contains a clear overview of all the different aspects of their innovative idea. In the next and final Summer Lab the teams will pitch their ideas to the jury! The three best ideas are invited to pitch at Partos Innovation Festival on October 12, where they have a chance to win The Spindle Innovation Award for Best Idea 2017!

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