An inspiring talk on the Internet of Things

How IoT can be used in development cooperations

agenda September 19, 2017

On Thursday September 14th The Spindle facilitated a session by Reinier van den Biggelaar  (Bastagroup) on the Internet of Things (IoT). Participants from several NGOs, companies and foundations came to this inspiring talk on what IoT stands for and how this can be used in development cooperation.

The Internet of Things refers to the connection of devices with sensors via the Internet, ranging from smartphones to cars and heart monitors, which can send and receive data. IoT aims to simplify and improve the lives of people, to contribute to actionable insights, to predictive management and data driven decision-making. Recently the car company Tesla issued an at distance steered update for drivers of Tesla vehicles in Florida unlocking the full battery capacity to escape from hurricane Irma.

In his talk, Reinier showed working examples of IoT in countries such as Kenya, India and Tanzania (see HERE). Through Nano Ganesh technology a number of farmers in India can now remotely control their micro irrigation pumps, saving time, labor and fuel costs. Other examples include drones that help monitor wildlife, sensors measuring water or air quality or humidity in the soil, noise telling illegal logging is taking place, sensors reporting on the well-being of bee colonies etc. In the video below you see an example of the Internet of Elephants.

The session ended by the wish to continue thinking about the use of IoT and work with an enterprise to prototype an idea. Will be continued!

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