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agenda November 16, 2017

What does the world look like in 2025? Partos – the Dutch membership body for international development organisations which The Spindle is part of – wishes for all stakeholders in international development to be(come) resilient and adequately flexible towards the future. That’s why we set up a future exploration and ask you to share your story now. A story or experience of which you think is a forecast of the future. Next spring we will share with you all valuable insights and analyses of the identified trends. Use these to become future-fit!

Contribute to this exploration of the future by filling out this inquiry and use the outcomes for your own strategic purposes. The wisdom of the stakeholders – your experiences, reflections and intuitions – are at the heart of this initiative.  A working group will analyse all trends and outcomes to create an interactive report on this future exploration next spring, which we can share with you of course. Already 50 members and non-members of Partos filled out the inquiry. Make sure we include your insights as well. Let’s go!

The wisdom of the stakeholders – your experiences, reflections and intuitions – are at the heart of this initiative.

Partos explores the future with and for members, but seeks insights from all relevant partners within the Netherlands and abroad. The Sprockler tool, designed by Perspectivity, offers an inclusive and maximal approach to collect stories from all over the world. Please share this Sprockler link with your (Southern) partners as well. The more stories, the more valuable!

Exploration team
An exploration team of 25-30 people will analyse all data that the Sprockler collected. In three reflective and co-creative meetings (December & January), they will identify the most important trends and create outlines of possible future scenarios. The consequences for Dutch development organisations will also be taken into account. If you are interested in joining the exploration team, please contact Saskia van den Kieboom via saskia@partos.nl.  If you would like a sneak preview of the findings – including stories of all respondents – you can find the interactive online report here.  Visit this project page of the Future Exploration for regular updates.

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