More than growth needed for inclusive development

Dutch Platform Leave No One Behind meets at University of Amsterdam

agenda December 20, 2017

There’s a difference between welfare and well-being. And when it comes to the topic of ‘inclusion’, more than growth is needed as growth focuses on welfare rather than well-being. This is one of the notions that dr. Nicky Pouw presented during the last meeting of 2017 of the Dutch Platform Leave No One Behind (LNOB).

On December 7 the platform meeting took place at the UvA in Amsterdam. The LNOB platform develops, shares and promotes knowledge, innovative solutions and policies that contribute to ending poverty and exclusion. Participants represented various NGOs who are working on inclusive development.

Research conclusions on inclusive development
Dr. Nicky Pouw enlightened the participants with her research and expertise on inclusive development and inclusive business. Nicky discussed that well-being is a key concept and takes a more comprehensive approach to development than welfare does. Growth focuses on welfare while development focuses on well-being. Following this, the participants discussed that the assumption that inclusive development includes all the marginalized people is incorrect. Those at the bottom of the pyramid are often still not reached. Nicky furthermore touched upon the question how value chains can be more inclusive to the poor. Who are seen as the producers? How can they enhance added value over the resources they produce? Nicky’s presentation was concluded with the notion that inclusive business comes with mutual benefits to the company as well as those facing impoverished conditions. NGOs and enterprises could exchange more and work complementary.

The Platform later exchanged on some other issues such as: the need of disaggregated items, the opportunities of economical missions organized at embassies, and tools and documents to share and be used. Director Anderson Gitonga of UDPK (United Disabled People of Kenya) got to present his organisation and their aim to amplify the voices of women with disabilities, as he was visiting their partner Light for The World in The Netherlands.

The notes, presentations and other information shared on the Platform can be found on The Spindle site. You are welcome to join the LNOB Platform and share your ideas, tools and documents (send to the!

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