Inclusion platform insists on comprehensive plan for data collection

What can we learn from methods and initiatives on collecting data?

agenda March 12, 2018

On the 22nd of February, the Dutch Platform Leave No One Behind (LNOB) explored new ways of working with data. This first meeting of 2018, with participants working in the field of inclusive development, took place at the Liliane Fonds. The LNOB platform develops, shares and promotes knowledge, innovative solutions and policies that contribute to ending poverty and exclusion. In this meeting, participants explored the Inclusion game developed by Light for the World. Also, the lobby for disaggregated data collection was discussed. Investigating new ways of working with disaggregated data can give an impulse to policy making for inclusive development. 

Playing the Inclusion game
The participants started off with the inclusion game. Based on role play, by stepping in with a specific disability, they came up with solutions from the perspective of persons with disabilities. During the game, the participants face difficulties visiting a health clinic, which they have to solve together. Reflecting on the experiences during the game, the participants concluded that playing the game is an effective way to create awareness about living with disabilities. The favorable solutions are those where people can operate independently and with dignity.

Towards a policy of collecting disaggregated data
The LNOB platform is busy with setting up a lobby for data disaggregation. The goal is to have better policy and policy development concerning marginalized groups in development cooperation. There is now too little data collection at a disaggregated level. Participants spoke about the idea of putting the Platform in a ‘broker’ position: bringing policy makers and professionals together.

A working group on disaggregated data sent a letter on behalf of the LNOB Platform to Minister Kaag (Foreign Trade & Development Cooperation) to insist on a comprehensive plan. Important suggestions in this letter are:

  • an action plan to broaden the scope
  • make sure that partners work together
  • build capacity to implement
  • monitor and analyze the data
  • make sure that the Netherlands contributes on this theme of inclusion and data collection

In response to this letter, the working group and the Centraal Bureau voor Statistiek (CBS) are invited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to talk about this subject.

Notes, presentations, actions to take and other information shared on the Platform can be found on the LNOB dropbox. You are welcome to join the LNOB Platform and share your ideas, tools, and documents (send to


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