113 innovative solutions that start-ups offered to help Saint Martin after hurricane

Check out these solutions on April 5!

agenda March 15, 2018

On September 6th 2017, tropical storm Irma, an extremely powerful and catastrophic hurricane, hit the island of Saint Martin. Irma devastated much of the island’s infrastructure. In response to this, 113 start-ups presented innovative solutions related to energy, waste, shelter and disaster relief.

Start-Up Delta and ImpactCity took the initiative to connect start-ups to Saint Martin with the idea that they could help kickstart Saint Martin, by offering their solutions help to rebuild. The response was overwhelming, over 150 start-ups replied. In December 2017, the State Secretary of Internal and Kingdom Affairs was offered a bid-book in which 113 startups presented innovative solutions related to energy, waste, shelter and disaster relief. Take a look at the Bid-Book and get inspired! A lot of these solutions may be suitable for other development interventions as well.

New insights on existing challenges
The call for proposals and the success of the first start-ups in Saint Martin (now working on the program Waste to Work), shows that bringing together different parties creates new energy and new insights to challenges that exist. By working together with start-ups, the development sector is learning agility and flexibility while also encountering new solutions.

Interesting for Dutch NGOs working in international development
Around 40 startups have been selected and invited to present themselves. DCHI (Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation) and several other parties believe that these startups have the potential to help rebuild Saint Martin, and can be of interest to the humanitarian and development sector. That is why they offer the startup community the opportunity to present their solutions to a broader audience. On April 5 they organize an event to discuss with the humanitarian and development sector further potential improve their solutions. Can their solutions be implemented or piloted and what collaboration can be formed?

Organising partners: DCHI, The Netherlands Red Cross, Impact City, Start-up Delta, Open-House, Ministry of Defense, the State Secretary of Internal and Kingdom Affairs and Innofest present initiatives on April 5 that are working on off grid solutions, clean energy solutions, housing solutions and smart identity solutions. 

Sign up!
The presentations will be clustered around energy solutions, disaster relief, waste and housing and those interested are invited to join. Get informed and most importantly inspired! The event will take place April 5th from 16:00 – 18:00 in The Hague. For more information please contact stephanie@dchi.nl.

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