Crazy solutions for complex problems

The Spindle and Deloitte organized a Crazy Ideation Night to stimulate innovation regarding inclusion

agenda April 17, 2018

AuntieToGo is a bus that will visit remote villages to spread female hygiene products and provide job opportunities for disabled women. The Burundi Legend is a life-simulation game that tries to reduce the cultural stigma that young, single mothers are facing. These are two examples of the products created during the Crazy Ideation Night organized by The Spindle and Deloitte GovLab NL. Deloitte consultants, NGO-workers and social entrepreneurs joined forces to combat problems surrounding inclusion.

Creating ideas for inclusion
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim for reducing inequality that disadvantaged groups (e.g. women, LGBTI, disabled people) still face today. Members of Partos (Dutch association for  NGOs working in international development) provided cases for the night to give these groups a voice: Nakimara, who is in need of information about sexual health (CHOICE); Lorraine, a young, single mother who is excluded from her community (HealthWorks); and Ruksana, a disabled 20-year-old who does not have access to female hygiene products (Simavi).

Helping women in need
Through brainstorming and by tapping into personal sources of inspiration, the participants invented innovative ways to help these young women in need. Although the task of creating crazy ideas proved to be challenging, the groups came up with exciting new initiatives. After a round of swift pitches, each participant could cast his vote. This resulted in a victory for Your Safe Choice! The inventors of this crazy idea want to create an app that promotes sexual health by providing information in a modern, accessible manner.

The Summer Labs
The evening proved to be fun and inspiring, whilst it simultaneously underlined the importance of stimulating inclusion. The Spindle believes the crazy ideas carry much potential and we welcome them to join The Summer Labs. There, we will give them the opportunity to develop their idea into a proper pilot-proposition!

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