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How to be(come) a data-informed organization?

agenda May 27, 2018

Saving lives in Sierra Leone by constructing data-infrastructures for governmental health care agencies and the use of machine learning for the early prevention of famine. These are just two examples that were discussed during the Open Tea session on data-informed decision making organized by The Spindle and Data4Development on May 17th.

Four interesting cases from Cordaid, Light for the World, Peace Labs and ICCO were presented to give examples of different experiences with data related possibilities and challenges. Cordaid talked about their program that systemically tracks anonymous data from patients to improve health care services in Sierra Leone. Afterwards, Peace Tech Lab NL introduced the Digital 100: an initiative to build a network of 100 technical data experts who want to share their knowledge for good. This ties in perfectly with their motto:

Let’s bring tech and data into the right hands

ICCO shared their lessons learned from a pilot based on open data and machine learning to improve the early detection of potential famines. Finally, Light for the World took the stage to make an appeal to all NGOs to disaggregate their data not only on gender but also on a disability level. To identify people with a disability, they urged to ask activity-based questions as used by The Washington Group on Disability Statistics. Questions like ‘do you have a disability’ will not work due to interpretation topics and stigma and using other sets of questions will help providing more insight into these groups to make sure that no one is left behind.

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This latest edition of the Open Tea once again laid bare the challenges but most certainly also the possibilities of implementing data-informed decision-making in development programs. To stay up to date about our next meetings please contact for more information or check our calendar.

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