Inclusion, NGO's and the private sector?

Updates from the Dutch Platform Leave No One Behind

agenda June 10, 2018

How should NGOs cooperate with the private sector? What about the notions of Leave No One Behind in the policy note of Minister Kaag? Find here the latest updates of the Dutch Platform Leave No One Behind (LNOB) that develops, shares and promotes knowledge, innovative solutions and policies that contribute to ending poverty and exclusion.

Practitioners Guide on Inclusive Business Partnerships
The Spindle supports Endeva in the development of a Practitioners Guide on Inclusive Business Partnerships and a core group of members of the LNOB platform is working with the initiators to be sure that the opportunities and needs of the marginalized are taken into account. The report will be based on the experiences of NGOs and Nelleke van der Vleuten will make sure that the survey contains the right topics and that cases will be provided. The first outcomes will be shared with the core group from the LNOB-platform and at the Partos Innovation Festival on October 11th.

Do you think this guide might be interesting for your organization and do you want to contribute to the guide by participating in the core group? Please send an e-mail to

Shared statement on Investing in Global Prospects
Members of the LNOB platform have shared their vision on the policy document on Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation ‘Investing in Global Prospects’ published by Minister Kaag. The prominence of the private sector and the absence of CSOs in the animation are cause for concern for the members of the LNOB platform. The notions of Leave No One Behind are not often enough addressed in relation with explicit actions. These concerns have motivated the platform to publish a shared statement soon.

Notes, presentations, actions to take and other information shared on the Platform can be found on the LNOB dropbox. You are welcome to join the LNOB Platform and share your ideas, tools, and documents.

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