Two new awards: NOW-Us! (NOthing about us Without Us) & Best Humanitarian Innovation

Collaborations with VOICE and DCHI for inclusive and humanitarian initiatives

agenda July 12, 2018

You may already know that The Spindle likes to grant awards. In 2017, School for Justice was the winner of the Best Innovation Award, Yapili stole the hearts of the crowd with their innovation Health@Hand and ZINC, participant in The Spindle Summer Labs, won the Award for Best Idea. This year, we have expanded our scope with two extra awards: the NOW Us! Award and the Award for Best Humanitarian Innovation. This means that we can hand out more cash prizes and put more initiatives into the limelight!

The Partos Innovation Festival is an event to celebrate the frontrunners in development. The Spindle likes to free the stage for the people that stick out their neck and do something different. With The Awards, we promote new initiatives and we nudge their projects with prize money, consultancy and attention of people that can connect them to the next level. Because there are many different crafts in the realm of development, we thought it made sense to look for collaborations. With Voice and DCHI, we can now grant awards for practitioners in humanitarian innovation and inclusive initiatives (for African and Asian applicants).

NOW Us! Award
Many marginalized and discriminated groups still often have no way of voicing their opinion and experiences. That is why we, in collaboration with Voice, have created the NOW Us!-award (NOthing about us Without Us!-award). We will reward initiatives from African and Asian countries that focus on the societal participation of otherwise excluded groups. We invite those entrepreneurial souls who are the southern frontrunners in inclusive development to join The NOW Us!-award! Main prize: 25.000 euro.

Read more about the NOW Us! Award

Best Humanitarian Innovation
The Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI) is working together with The Spindle to award innovations that make use of data or digitization for the humanitarian sector. As wars and natural disasters continue to hit us, humanitarian organizations are in dire need of more efficient and effective tools to improve the lives of millions of affected people. Innovations that are past the pilot-phase that focus on helping affected communities generate clean water and sanitation, life-saving information or other life-saving necessities are perfect for this category. Main prize: a fully supported innovation trajectory to bring your innovation to the next level.

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