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agenda October 12, 2018

All nominees for the Awards gathered at the Partos Innovation Festival. Finally, it was their time to shine, but most of all their moment of truth. We congratulate the winners of the Awards! Very impressive and very well done. We also congratulate all the nominees and other teams that are absolute winners as well since they work on initiatives that are focused on creating a fairer, more inclusive, sustainable world.

The NOthing about us, Without Us! Award
For this Award the Spindle teamed up with grant facility Voice to honour inspiring inclusive initiatives from Africa and Asia and developed and led by one of the target groups for the benefit of those same target groups. Eventually, three initiatives that work on inclusive approaches to empower marginalized and discriminated groups were nominated for the Award.

And the winner is … HandSpeak Vietnam won with their initiative Brighten Vietnamese Sign Language the NOW-Us! Award and a grant of €25.000!
“HandSpeak Vietnam is an organisation by Deaf people, for Deaf community. We focus on empowering Deaf people with Sign Language through knowledge sharing, training and awareness raising in order to build a strong and independent Deaf Community. HandSpeak came out with a project named ”Brighten Vietnamese Sign Language”, which takes the initiative to provide training continuously in one year, covering important topics relating to the Deaf community.”

In this category, the second place (€15.000) was for The Children’s Radio Foundation with their LGBTI Youth Radio Initiative in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And The Inclusive Friends Association won the third price (€10.000) with the initiative Access Nigeria.

Award for Best Innovation for Development
With this category, the Spindle rewards the best innovative concepts in the field of international development. Within these category two awards are granted: the jury award (main prize) and the public award (subcategory).

And the winner of the jury award is …
ActionAid with their innovation: Womanitarians/Sheroes! They take home the Award and a price of €15.000.
“When one of our colleagues visited Nepal in 2016, she spoke with women from communities hit by the devastating earthquake in April 2015. Even though the women had gone through an absolute ordeal, they felt empowered, even grateful, because they had been able to improve their position in the community. The key to this? A women-led emergency response! A crisis can be a catalytic moment. Because women were the one leading the disaster response, so the way the communities viewed the women transformed.”

The second place (€10.000) was for Butterfly Works with Arabia Felix: gaming for peace and the International Transformation Foundation took home the third price (€5.000) with its initiative A Water Kiosk At School.

And the winner of the public award is …
It were RFCx and IUCN NL who gained the most votes of the public. Next to the received award, they win a fundraising clinic of Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy and a fully supported crowdfunding campaign by 1% Club.
“RFCx, IUCN & SPDA’s tech+legal+conservation collaboration enables Environmental Defenders to protect their vulnerable forests from deforestation.”




Award for Best Idea for Development
An award for innovative ideas that contribute to an inclusive, just and sustainable world. After joining 5 of the Spindle Summer Labs, three teams made it to the final.

And the winner is …
ZOA/In2Afrika with Land Rights Unchained! left the festival with the Award and €5.000 seed money.
“The project builds on ZOA’s work in Uganda where a localised land administration is being developed in cooperation with local stakeholders including customary and state authorities. It further draws on the findings of Vincent Oberdorf’s study Building Blocks for land administration. The potential impact of Blockchain-based land administration platforms in Ghana. A central task at this point is to tailor the specific tool and process which will be the end-result of this project as well as possible to the actual needs and capacities of local stakeholders while maintaining usability and cost-effectiveness.”

Upinion became second in this category (€2.500) with the initiative U-matter and Invi/Red een Kind ended third with Protection Power (€1.000).

Award for Best Humanitarian Innovation
Together with DCHI, the Spindle searched for life-saving or -improving innovations that help the most vulnerable people impacted by humanitarian or natural crises.

And the winner is …
The initiative that took home the Award and an Innovation Support Premium Package is the Optimus tool developed by the World Food Programme (WFP).

Optimus is a tool developed by the World Food Programme to optimize its food assistance programs from an end-to-end perspective. It looks simultaneously at the design of the food basket and the sourcing & delivery plan to maximize beneficiary outcomes (e.g. dietary diversity, calories) given operational constraints (e.g. lead times, funding). Using advanced analytics, Optimus is able to combine data from dozens of sources and helps WFP decision makers to continually improve their operations.”


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