How digitally mature is the Dutch development sector?

Partos performs sector study on digitization

agenda November 26, 2018

Smart digitalisation solutions have a promise to reach more beneficiaries at lower costs. ICT, mobile and digital technologies can support the achievement of the SDGs. Partos – The Spindle is investigating how ICT and digital technologies are being used among Partos’ member organisations. What is the current state of digital transformation within the sector?

Partos – The Spindle have been performing research towards digital maturity in the Dutch development sector. Over the past weeks, 64 people of 43 organisations have filled out a survey in which they assess the digital capabilities of their organisation and their image of digitization in the sector.

The results of this survey will be used to shape the positioning of Partos’ ambitions and assistance for its members on digitalization. With the input, Partos can provide an overview of how digitalization is embedded in organisations and the role of new technologies on their objectives. The research focuses on the domains in which digitalisation can improve the performance of an NGO: gains in societal impact, the outreach to the target group and cost efficiency. Based on their responses, participants receive a report which provides them with a quick scan of their NGO’s position compared to other respondents in the sector. The final report is expected at the beginning of next year.

With the results of the inquiry, Partos – The Spindle aims to support member organisations in strategic positioning on the topic. More concretely, we aim to follow up the study by facilitating peer learning at a seminar. Interested in the results of the inquiry, or already up to participate in this seminar? Let us know through!

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