Mini Documentary: NOW-Us! Week 2018

See how teams from amongst others Nepal and Mali define the importance of inclusion.

agenda January 17, 2019

In October 2018, The Spindle and Voice invited 10 teams from Africa and Asia that fight for inclusion of otherwise excluded groups. With their arrival in the Netherlands, the first NOW-Us! (NOthing about us Without Us!) week was born.

It became a week in which the teams were able to exchange their motivation and challenges. A week in which they got the opportunity to improve their innovative concepts and projects. Pushing themselves to make a change for their community. It was an incredible time for the teams as well as for the Spindle and Voice.

We are very happy and proud to share the mini-documentary about this special week with you. See for yourself how our participants from amongst others Nepal, Mali, and Kenya define inclusion, why it is essential, and what drives them to fight for it?

Flashforward to …
October 2019. We can announce that Voice and the Spindle decided to organise a new NOW-Us! week in 2019. We’re already looking forward to this time of the year again! Keep an eye on our website to stay informed.

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