#ShiftThePower. Joining Forces, Sharing Power. Rethinking Power and Resources.

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agenda February 7, 2019

#ShiftThePower. Joining Forces, Sharing Power. Rethinking Power and Resources. All these concepts have one question in common: how can we make development cooperation less top-heavy and more people- and locally-driven? One important aspect of this challenge that should be addressed is the fact that often local, community-based organisations in the south have restricted access to the available financial resources. During an earlier breakfast meet-up called Rethinking Power and Resources, organized together with CIVICUS and Wilde Ganzen, we started a discussion about appropriate and accessible funding mechanisms. Others topics we discussed were: the need to acknowledge and mobilize other (non-financial) resources, and subsequently how this would affect forms of cooperation that strengthen community-based organisations.

As a result of this meet-up, we agreed that a more sustained conversation about this topic should be established in the Netherlands as part of the broader #ShiftThePower movement. Want to be a part of this movement?

In the upcoming month, we will prepare the next phase of this conversation and joint learning. Therefore, we have formed a small and diverse group of people with an interest in this topic and who can help us with the preparations. At this point we let the ideas of learning challenges cross our minds, in which challenges, best practices and concrete stories can be shared. What enables us and what stops us from shifting the power? What are new roles and what is the added value of Northern NGOs in the (changing) landscape of aid for development and social justice? What are the best practices of participatory decision-making processes to strengthen local ownership and the voice of constituency-led groups?

So, do you feel like working with us on this topic? Do you have any experience or insights that you would like to share? Or are you aware of other relevant initiatives/events that could be useful for us to link up with? Please join us by sending an e-mail to Anne-Marie van Heemskerk: amh@partos.nl.

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