Collaboration in E-learning and Blended learning in Health and Wash

An exploratory session to stimulate increasing collaboration

agenda December 18, 2019

On last Wednesday, December 18th, The Spindle organised a first exploratory meeting on the topic of Blended Learning and E-learning in healthcare and WASH. The idea for this session arose from a call for more active collaboration within this field of expertise. Experts on this topic got to know each other, jointly determined main trends and pitched their recent projects, successes and challenges. Both NGOs and for-profit organisation were present at the meeting and jointly discovered shared challenges and opportunities for working together.

The field of E- and Blended learning is constantly evolving. Globally there seems to be increasing willingness to share information and to learn together. The spreading of information is currently accelerating through digital technologies such as mobile phones, access to the internet, artificial intelligence, big data, podcasts, educational games and the integration of interaction components (chatbots) in mobile applications. Online & offline learning modules in health need to be adaptive to rapidly changing environments, requires state of the art expertise and curricula must be evidence-based. This extends to the security and ownership of sensitive data which are required for legitimised learning platforms. Nowadays in many countries, the civic space and provision of information are under increasing pressure. E-learning and Blended learning strategies on health need to cope with these rapidly changing and often politicised environments.

After the plenary part, the representatives of ten organisations pitched on their background, experiences, success stories, challenges and requests regarding E-learning and Blended learning strategies. Find the content of all pitches here.

In wrapping up the session, the wish for continuous sharing, networking and collaborating within this field of expertise was expressed. The participants look forward to exploring various methods of working together on common challenges or to in-depth brainstorm about specific cases. The combination of NGOs and small private companies is appreciated as well. Lastly, it is expressed that the meetings to come must be action-orientated to maximise their usefulness for all parties involved. Keep an eye on The Spindle agenda to join the events to come on this topic.

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