Coronavirus: how to contact The Spindle and upcoming events

agenda March 16, 2020

We would like to inform you considering the actions we will take as a consequence of the coronavirus breakout. Last week the Dutch government announced various measures to be taken in order to mitigate the virus. Therefore, we will take various actions and follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and the RIVM.

How to contact The Spindle?
Team members of The Spindle will work from home from now on (until TBD). We’ll do our best to stay connected with our community the best we can. This will be possible in the regular way.

  • It’s still possible to contact us by phone: +31 20 32 09 901. From here we will help you and provide you – if necessary and possible- with further contact details.
  • Our team is still available through e-mail.

What about upcoming Events?
In line with measures taken The Spindle will also take its responsibility considering scheduled events. For each event, we’ll decide whether it will be cancelled or that it will take place digitally. Participants who subscribed for upcoming events will receive a personal message about this. Check our agenda and events for the latest updates.

We wish our community and partners all the best and luck for the upcoming period!

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