Recap: Kick-off Session the Digital Journey | Pt. 1

Accelerating the Digital Transformation within the Dutch Development Sector

agenda April 2, 2020

Last Tuesday, the Digital Journey was set in motion during the kick-off event! Considering the current circumstances, we had to conduct this event digitally. More than 50 participants tuned in between 09:00 and 10:00 and made a home-made coffee before participating in this 2-hour online session. People interacted actively with each other and progress was made to move on to the next step in the Digital Journey!

The Digital Journey
Accelerating the Digital Transformation within the Dutch Development Sector; that is the goal of this Digital Journey. We all want to explore what is already out there, and what we can learn from each other. Yet, we do not all have to invent the wheel. Collaboration is key, and this session showed the willingness and possibilities out there. This first session was meant as an introduction to each other and to learn about the digital ambitions and already existing digital innovations that organisations are proud off.

54 participants, one screen
The digital journey lived up to its name and was transformed into an online event! The event was hosted via the online tool Zoom and was facilitated by Ard Hordijk and Margreet van der Pijl Everybody had the opportunity to get to know one another through a quick introduction round and after some instructions about the event, the participants were ready to interact with each other.

Discussions in break-out rooms
With 54 participants in the online session, we had to create so-called break-out rooms for the participants. There were 3 rounds in which participants were divided into break-out rooms, amounting to 7 separate groups. In these rooms, participants got to discuss their digital ambitions, what they are proud of, the risks they see and their brilliant failures. There was an open atmosphere as everyone wanted to find possible links and collaboration opportunities. Furthermore, the groups discussed the driving and restraining forces for innovation in general. Examples of driving forces are leadership in the top or allowing colleagues to take risks and also to accept failures. On the other hand, restraining forces are for example that the sector should show the impact of using data in a better way or if there is no space for innovation in your job description.

A very hopeful meeting in these uncertain days

Separate digital lunch meeting
After the kick-off, the participants could join a lunch meeting online with an interesting presentation by Sander van der Waal, who leads the Future Internet Lab at the Waag. “The internet is broken, but we can fix it!’’, was the topic of his message. He emphasized the importance of civil security and the use of safe technology.

The next step
For now, the Linking Pins (the dedicated person within a participating organisation who is joining the journey) will come together on April 7, to form joint-action groups. These groups will join the Digital Journey into the next phases. The joint-action groups can, for example, work on responsible data, how to improve ways of working or investigate how to become more data-driven.

Additional information:

  • All participants can join the Digital Journey Team, where they can access all files and notes
  •  The presentation given by Sander van der Waal from Waag

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