Recap: Kick-off Session the Digital Journey | Pt. 2

Accelerating the Digital Transformation within the Dutch Development Sector

agenda April 15, 2020

The Digital Journey is in full swing! After a successful Kick-Off Event in March – part 1! – the second part of this Kick-Off was held on April 7. Again more than 30 representatives of Dutch Development Organisations were present during this frisky online event. These LinkingPins continued the journey and rolled up their sleeves by pitching their ideas!

So, part 2 of the Kick-Off Event. What happened? Again more than 50 faces (Spindle team check! Other committed souls check!) appeared on one screen. LinkingPins had sent in their ideas in advance in order to form a Joint Action Group in which this idea will come to life. Yet, also during the session, even more ideas were brought forward. All of them focused on one thing: accelerating the Digital Transformation within the Dutch Development Sector. Ideas varied from ‘a marketplace for digital solution’, to learning sessions with other sectors, to ‘a responsible digital ecosystem’.

During this event, it was emphasized that each LinkingPin could make more impact if they are willing to open up and collaborate in Joint Action Groups. It appeared that after the pitched ideas, participants are eager to find solutions which showed the efficiency of working in Joint Action Groups, even though ideas and organisations they work for differ. Participants got the opportunity to select one pitched idea and to join that particular breakout room. Here they shaped the idea together with a facilitator. Some corners cut, some darlings killed. With all these ideas, they interacted and formed Joint Action Groups to further pursue these ideas to the next step!

The world is digitalizing and even though our organization’s core is not technology and the digital field, we still use all of these digital tools and want to contribute to potential digital solutions.

After the session, the harvest of information was shared with the participants, and the teams were formed in our digital channels online. The Joint Action Groups can work together and take their next step during the first upcoming session: the Pitch Event on April 21, where they will present their ideas in front of a great crowd of contributors who can help them further realize their potential solutions.

Do you want to sign up as a contributor for our upcoming event on April 21? Click here!

  • For more information on the Digital Journey, please contact Margreet van der Pijl (
  • To find out more about the Why of this Digital Journey, our LinkingPins, their digital ambitions and the Joint Action Groups, go to our Digital Journey Magazine!


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