The Digital Journey continues: The art of the pitch

The ball is in the court of the Joint Action Groups!

agenda April 29, 2020

During the previous event of the Digital Journey, the LinkingPins formed the Joint Action Groups and they were ready for the next step! These Action Groups pitched their ideas to an external audience consisting of potential contributors, such as techies, IT consultants and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In exchange, they’ve received expertise and new ways of working together to realise these digital solutions.

LinkingPins, Joint Action Groups … What was it again?
In case you’ve missed it: for this Digital Journey we searched for the connected and intrapreneurial innovators from Partos members. Those who hopped on board are called the LinkingPins. They are willing to co-create digital strategies in order to accelerate the digital transformation within the Dutch development sector. Well now, during the previous event (April 15), these LinkingPins pitched their ideas on digitalisation to other LinkingPins. All of them got the opportunity to select one idea that they were willing to commit to during this journey. And that was the moment various Joint Action Groups (JAGs) were born!

7 JAGs, One Journey
On April 21, it was time for the real Pitch Event, already the third online event of the Digital Journey! The Joint Action Groups (JAGs) got to meet up again to first discuss and sharpen their ideas. This meeting’s goal was the formulation of the problem of the JAGs and the foreseeable result that the groups aimed for. Additionally, the JAGs formulated their top 3 needs to explain to the contributors during the second part of the event. All the 7 JAGs worked in breakout rooms on their pitch, with a facilitator present in each room. All the meetings worked fluently, and some excellent pitches came out of it! Examples of some of the pitch ideas were creating a platform/marketplace for digital solutions, becoming a data-driven organisation, or having learning sessions with other sectors/markets. Since these ideas are interesting, but also challenging, it was the right moment for the contributors to join in …

The Contributors
During the final hour of the event, the contributors joined the Zoom session. The Digital Journey reached a record with 71 participants! A lot of the contributors were motivated to have an impact and add their expertise and skills to the digital room. These contributors were invited by Partos, the Linking Pins themselves and other involved participants of the Digital Journey. A good example of what happened during this meet up was the fact that one JAG needed facilitation in user experience design. One contributor came forward in offering his experience on working with platforms and their digital solutions. The added expertise of the contributors was highly motivating and enabled every JAG to gain five or more contributors that were added to their group in order to realise these digital solutions!

Next Steps
The next event will be an online hackathon on June 5th. During the Hackathon, the JAGs and contributors will work together on their ideas and reach the next phases in making their designs more concrete. The contributors will be linked to the JAGs and have the opportunity to exchange their thoughts about the idea. Per preparation, there will be the opportunity to meet up during scheduled ‘Talks with Contributors’ in different Zoom breakout rooms. These optional talks will take place on May 14 and 19. Furthermore, the JAGs will come together on May 26, to further discuss their findings from the talks with the contributors and discuss their action plan regarding June 5, the Hackathon!

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