Recap: Digital Session Community of Practicing Innovators

Practicing innovators in (Dutch) NGOs share inspiration and solve issues together

agenda May 20, 2020

The Spindle, the innovation platform of Partos, facilitates a community of innovators in development. Members hold an ex- or implicit innovation role within a Dutch NGO. The community meets roughly every two months to discuss their professional issues around innovation within development cooperation.

Thursday, May 14th, the group convened to share inspiration, tips and ideas. It was an informative and dynamic session, starting with a brief presentation that was followed by a lively discussion. This time, the session topic was inspired by a case presented by Diderik van Wingerden. Van Wingerden’s proposed to discuss the ambiguity between the Design Thinking Method and working in an Agile way. A digital innovation challenge that van Wingerden further touches upon in his blog article The Challenge of Digital Innovation. Van Wingerden is eager to continue working on this subject and presented the below image on what important aspects might be to take into account.

During the discussion a number of tips and tools were exchanged. We would like to share these with you as perhaps these tools could also be useful for you!

  • Book by Jake Knapp: Sprint, and for how to do a Design Sprint see this webclass
  • Infographic on how to combine the Lean Startup method with Design Thinking by Gartner
  • A Medium Article exploring Agile Sprints vs. Design Sprints
  • A Harvest Business Review Article exploring leadership styles in different contexts based on the Cynefin Framework

We look forward to the next session with the community of practicing innovators to further our quest to support and facilitate innovation within Dutch NGOs.

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