What happened during The Digital Journey's Hackathon?

Accelerate the digital transformation in Hackathon style!

agenda June 19, 2020

Maybe you have no clue what a Hackathon exactly is. Well, check out this video first to get a good impression. In the Digital Journey, we crossed this specific milestone on June 5. Yet, just like all the other milestones, we succeeded to organise an online hackathon! During this day, the LinkingPins showed massive progress within their Joint Action Groups (JAGs). The goal of this hackathon was to realise the designs of their intended results. Eventually, they would present the processes they made in the plenary session at the end of the day. All the participating Partos member organisations had the opportunity to establish a closer collaboration and take a significant step forward to the next level.

In March, the 35 LinkingPins, all deriving from various Partos member organisations, joined the Digital Journey. Not knowing about the great collaborations it would bring forward because of their knowledge about and experiences with digital tools. Together they formulated the digital challenges they experience as well as their innovative ideas. As a result, 8 JAGs were formed that would work together during the whole Journey. To achieve their intended outcomes, each JAG has added experts (i.e. the contributors) to realise their digital solutions further!  All of this together resulted in 8 groups of various participants ready to tackle Hackathon Day!

The moment of truth: Hackathon Day
Each JAG went in their comfy digital room and selected the digital tool they prefer to work with, for instance, Mural or Miro. They discussed, organised and realised their intended results with the support of different contributors who joined their digital collaborative session—realising that the various organisations are dealing with the same challenges or finding common ground to support the design. And yes, this all happened in one day! Some examples of the progress made by the JAGs: one JAG discussed a questionnaire they had set out beforehand whereas another JAG had a whole brainstorm workshop. One JAG had an enlightening decisions jam, and other JAGs went full-on discussing how to reach the best results.

The results
After a day of working together, the groups gained new insights and described their next steps. Since the JAGs are diverse, it might be best to read all about it in the Digital Journey Online Magazine, where you can find the whole Journey explained in a quick overview. At the end of the Hackathon day, each JAGs presented their progress and results in a plenary session. The groups listened to each other, asked one another for extra support or intrigued colleagues with their results. For example, one group came up with a format for a platform to share case studies and knowledge for all NGOs as they believe in the ‘’what didn’t work and what can be done better?”. Another JAG created a roadmap on becoming more data-driven in your organisation. Yet, another JAG realised a step back was needed to restart even more critically and gain new perspectives and ideas.

The next step: Demo day!
The JAGs are focussing now on the next event: the Demo Day! During this event, they will test their designs and improve their ideas with the feedback they receive from the audience. On September 10, the 8 Joint Action Groups will test their “prototypes” with their target groups. In the Digital Journey, this will be the Demo Day. At this moment, the Joint Action Groups are developing e.g. a Do it Yourself Toolkit for Online Learning, a tool to become a Data-Driven Organisation, and a roadmap to work effectively within partnerships. The Joint Action Groups will define upfront their “Test Group” who will be invited to test the product and give constructive feedback with which the Joint Action Groups can improve their prototypes towards the end of the Digital Journey 2020: October 9.

• For more information on the Digital Journey, please contact Margreet van der Pijl (Margreet@partos.nl).
• To find out more about the Digital Journey, LinkingPins and Joint Action Groups: go to our Digital Journey Magazine!



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