Jointly Exploring Innovative Solutions for Community Led Development and Human Centered Design

The fourth explorative session to share knowledge and gather minds

agenda June 25, 2020

We can only truly shift the power if those who are passionate about that shift join forces and build their platform for change from the ground up. With this belief as a driving factor, we set out to gather minds and share collaborative tools in our fourth explorative session on Human-Centered Design and Community-Led Development. This session was hosted by The Spindle, the innovation platform of Partos, in collaboration with Butterfly Works, The Hunger Project, and The Movement for Community-Led Development.

On June 16th, some twenty practitioners in International Development came together online to collaborate, brainstorm, and jointly share ideas! This session was both informative and practical. A presentation by Rahmin Bender urged attendees to consider design thinking as a method for driving innovative solutions, while the interactive workshop hosted by Butterfly Works offered the group the opportunity to collaboratively brainstorm ideas and join forces.

Jointly Creating Innovative Solutions

The session kick-started with an inquisitive presentation by Rahmin Bender, the founder of Creativo Design, a consultancy agency specialized in applying design thinking to projects in International Development. Bender passionately presented the case that design thinking is an effective method for driving innovative solutions to wicked problems; also the topic of his recently published thesis. Core values for Rahmin are: inclusion, humility, compassion, coherence and posture of learning. These core values can lead to engagement, co-creation and ownership of the participants. He insists also not to work in silos, but raise the knowledge sharing, steer towards a buy in and the process with the communities is the most important. Double-loop learning is key and rethink the system!

Joining Forces to Empower our Practice

In the second part of this session, Butterfly Works facilitated a productive workshop that built on and engaged the participants to exchange and capture their needs and best practices and ideas regarding Community Led Development and Human Centered Design (CLD/HCD). Together the group worked in Miro, an online collaborative space great for virtual collaboration. Curious to know what this looked like? See our rough notes in the workshop’s Miro Link. Here, we looked at the overlap between our practices, what unites us, and how we can use this to strengthen our practice. Hence, we jointly explored how we as professionals can join forces to empower our practice of CLD/HCD. Interested to know what the group came up with? A summary of the insightful answers can be found here!

Overall it was a thought-inspiring and dynamic session with a diverse group of 25 people participating! Ideas were shared and the seeds for new initiatives planted, leaving us with renewed inspiration to co-create and collaborate in our quest to tackling development problems using CLD and HCD. Interested in learning about more ways in which your organization can incorporate practices of human-led development and human-centered design? Keep posted: details about our next online session on the 7th of July 15.30-17h will soon be shared!



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