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agenda September 17, 2020

On September 10th, the Digital Journey’s online Demo Day was organised. On this day, the 7 Joint Action Groups (JAGs) all got the chance to present their demos to individuals from organisations within the development sector, to gather feedback and to test their ideas on feasibility.

The start of the Journey

This whole journey started in March, when 35 LinkingPins, all deriving from various Partos member organisations, joined the Digital Journey. They started by formulating the digital challenges they experience in the development sector, as well as their innovative ideas on how to solve these issues. Great collaborations were made: 8 JAGs (at this moment, there are 7 left) were formed that decided to work together during the Journey. To achieve their intended outcomes, each JAG has added experts (i.e. the contributors) to develop the digital solutions even further. During the Demo Day, the remaining 7 JAGs were ready to present, listen and reflect on the ideas they had been working on for months.

Demo Day!

For the first time, all designs were tested by the target audience: development organisations. Each JAG had one hour of full attention. This indicated a complete presentation of about 30-40 minutes, including the definition of the “test group”, ending with time for questions. Every design was now pitched to an actual audience for the first time! Feedback was given online, in a Google Doc, and suggestions that were made by the organisations, will hopefully be used in the innovations that arise from this Digital Journey. The designs varied from an online community for people with a disability or HIV/AIDS, to a workshop that facilitates NGO-partnerships. As this was the first time the prototypes were being tested and commented on, it was interesting and inspiring to see what everyone had worked on so far. For example, JAG 1 demonstrated its online tooling it want to be available for a community of health workers. Questions were posed on the security of data being gathered and also the sustainability of the tool; who would finance the platform in the long run? The presenters promised to think about a better business model as a next step, among others.


After every interactive meeting, the groups received written feedback from the listeners. The comments varied from user-friendly suggestions to management questions. Many constructive reactions were given which will definitely be taken into account by the JAGs! One example can be found in JAG 3, which demonstrated a screening tool for development organisations who want to become more data-driven. Comments were made on the way organisations could use data; for which purposes would this be and for whom would this be available? You can find the different journeys taken by all the JAGs in the Digital Journey Online Magazine, where details about the designs and intended outcomes are shared.

Next step 

Right now, the JAGs are busy with improving their designs and finalising their prototypes. Now that their designs have been tested for the first time, they can improve their ideas to fit even better the needs of the eventual users. The Digital Journey 2020 will come to an end on October 9th, during block 3 of the Partos Innovation Festival. During the Festival, all JAGs will share their journeys, experiences and an Award will be given to the best Joint Action Group!

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