Shifting Power in international civil society partnership: a community of practice.

A continuation of the Shift-the-Power Lab

agenda September 24, 2020

Partos launches a Community of Practice (CoP) on Shifting the Power. In this CoP we aim to find practical solutions for achieving more balanced power relations in international civil society partnerships for development. The CoP will be facilitated by The Spindle, Partos innovation platform.

The CoP is a spin-off of the Shift-the-Power Lab in which we developed the Power Awareness Tool. We are pleased to note that the tool has been adopted by many organizations for reflection and to analyze, monitor and balance power relations in their partnerships. In this CoP we want to build on this.

The CoP will work in parallel with the new Strategic Partnership (SP) programmes, that are financed as part of the Subsidy Framework of the Strengthening of Civil Society policy of the Ministry (2021-2025). The CoP will contribute to learning about-, and balancing power in the strategic partnerships. In addition, the CoP will draw lessons from the use of the Power Awareness Tool. We will look into which types of decisions tend to cause most friction between partners as a result of power imbalances. What innovative solutions can be found to address these issues? This approach provides huge opportunities for learning, that will benefit not only the Strategic Partnerships but also other partnerships involving international, national and local NGOs and CBOs.

We will look at practical solutions for:

  • The organization of funding streams
  • Risks assessments and risk-sharing
  • How NGO partnerships can support community-led development
  • Experiences with introducing/using the Power Awareness Tool
  • How to develop decision making structures in partnerships when the partnership is not yet complete

Contact Anne-Marie Heemskerk ( for more information or to express your interest in joining the Community of Practice on Shifting-the-Power. In reply we will send you an invite to the online community of the CoP.

Shift-The-Power Lab in progress

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#ShiftThePower. Joining Forces, Sharing Power. Rethinking Power and Resources.

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Joining forces, sharing power

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