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agenda December 22, 2020

For the first time, the Spindle organised the Most Inspiring Digital Innovations contest this year. For this contest we reached out to our networks, Partos Member organisations and beyond, to call for recently developed Digital Innovations which, through their product or service, contribute to an inclusive, just, collaborative and a sustainable world.

A group of 9 experts from different countries like Kenya, Bangladesh and Nigeria first co-created a scorecard with 10 indicators on which they scored the applicants between 1-10. The total score was added up and the 30 applicants with the highest scores were chosen as the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations (MIDIs) 2020.

The 30 MIDIs won two prices: a professional Pitch Video that they can use for their own marketing and an Online Co-creation Session whereby the teams worked together on each other’s Burning Questions. In addition, the MIDIs were also given the chance to pitch their innovations to a broad audience at the Online Partos Innovation Festival.

We have had really nice recognition through the Partos MIDI process. Having that recognition has brought us new opportunities like other global competitions. – One of the MIDIs

On Thursday 3rd of December, we got together once again with a part of the group that was available, and we looked back on the process to see what went well and where we could improve if we were to organise a contest like this again in the future. This ‘evolution’ led to some good insights, both things that went really well and lessons that we can take with us. One of the positive things that stood out most, was the connecting factor that the MIDI contest brought about. Not only did the 30 MIDIs meet each other and co-create solutions for their burning questions, some of them also pointed out having made connections with experts and capital-holders.

Through the innovation festival, we got in touch with different mentors. Some experts and capital network. They got to know us from the festival and being a MIDI. That also led to being finalists on a summit in Spain. – One of the MIDIs

The MIDI process helped us succeed in institutionalising some cooperations with other stakeholders. – One of the MIDIs

One of the lessons that we can take with us in the future, that we learned through this ‘evolution’ session, was that even more networking possibilities would be desirable. Not only more connections with the Partos network, but also amongst each other. An idea that one of the MIDI participants came up with, is creating a closed LinkedIn group with all of the 30 MIDI winners, to which possible future winners could also be added. This community can then be used to co-create even more solutions for shared burning questions and to investigate new possibilities for partnerships between the different organisations.

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