The Awards

The Awards accelerate innovative initiatives in the field of humanitarian and development work

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The Awards

The Spindle organises awards to stimulate innovative projects that are focused on creating a fairer, more inclusive, sustainable world. People from all over the world can participate by sending in their projects and initiatives. In the last couple of years, we honoured multiple awards such as the Best Innovation for Development Award and the NOW-Us! Award.

This year will be different! There is one category you can apply for, namely The 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations of 2020.

Read down below to find out more about this category, who can apply and how you can apply!

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Aftermovie The Awards 2019

Deadline 2020-07-10

The 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations of 2020

If you or your organisation has a recently developed digital product or service, which contributes to an inclusive, just, collaborative and a sustainable world you are ready to join! Have you recently developed a tool, platform or application on for example artificial intelligence or blockchain? Did you develop a new way of working, using digital technologies? Then you might have one of the 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations in your hands. Dare to share!

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Past winners and applications

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