Community of Practice on Innovative Finance for Development

Interested in new ways of financing development? Join this Community powered by The Spindle and explore with us the opportunities, challenges and impact of various innovative financing instruments

The hay days Official Development Assistance (ODA) seem to be over and the traditional instruments of financing development seem to be insufficient or inadequate to face the current development challenges. Accordingly, innovative financing instruments are popping up everywhere in the development sector, which makes it difficult for NGOs to orient in this field. This Community of Practice on Innovative Finance for Development, powered by The Spindle, aims at facilitating an open exchange on the topic and exploring the opportunities, challenges and impact of these innovative financing instruments. 

On February 28, 2019, The Spindle organised a session on non-profit businesses and the opportunities that this model and the underlying mentality offer to scale up social impact. The participants of the session expressed the wish to further explore the issue of Innovative Finance for Development (IF4D) and The Spindle offered to facilitate this exchange by creating a Community of Practice on the topic.

Accordingly, in the year 2019 The Spindle is organising a number of sessions on how different organisations in the field are working with innovative ways of financing development. Each session will touch upon on one or two innovative financing instruments that are currently being explored, experimented or implemented. The starting point of the exchange we initiated with this Community of Practice was Interaction’s recently published Report: Innovative Finance for Development – A Guide for International NGOs.

The main goal of these meetings is to exchange on the topic, discuss experiences and share success stories and failures as to identify opportunities and pitfalls and formulate recommendations regarding each financing instrument. Examples are social impact bonds, cash transfers, social franchise, performance-based financing and many more. While the sessions’ setting is confidential, the main insights and lessons learnt will also be shared in the form of reports on our website and a blog series by Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy, who participates in the sessions in the capacity of external experts.

On our website, you can read the reports of the past meetings in the News sections as well as sign up for the upcoming sessions (see Events)! Moreover, we created a Dropbox where you can find the minutes and the PowerPoints used by the contributors as well as additional literature and background materials.

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