Practical information for The Spindle Innovation Awards

This page contains the selection criteria, selection process and Terms & Conditions for The Spindle Innovation Awards: Best Idea 2017.

May 31st, 23:59h Amsterdam time
Entries for The Spindle Innovation Award for Best Idea close at May 31st, 23h59 Amsterdam time.

June 9th – Co-improving and assessing your ideas
In an afternoon (15h – 18h) you will present your idea in groups to other contestants, The Spindle Inspiration Council and the jury. In an interactive workshop all contestants will contribute to each other’s ideas. The jury will be present to observe all presentations and will use the afternoon to further assess all applications.

June 13th – Selecting ten ideas to enter the Summer Labs
After the co-improving session of June 9th, the jury will finally assess who can participate in The Spindle Summer Labs, based on all application forms and observations on June 9th. Please note that if you’re elected for The Spindle Summer Labs, you have to find at least one team member that can support (and replace) you throughout the summer. The jury focuses on the following criteria:

  1. Impact on one or more of The Spindle themes
    – Leave No One Behind: how can we include the extreme poor in development work?
    – Civic Power: how can we combat for freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of expression?
    – Ways of Working Together: how can we improve the effectiveness and efficiency of CSOs by working together with others?
    – Make Data Count: how can we make use of monitoring, evaluation and research data to make more impact?
  2.  A clear problem: the idea contributes to a clear problem or need in the world of development cooperation and NGOs.
  3. Originality: How original is your idea? Does your idea provide a distinctive, new solution to a development cooperation need?
  4. Impact: How big is the impact you can create with your idea?
  5. Sustainability: how (financially) sustainable is your idea? If it isn’t sustainable yet, we will explore potential ways of future sustainability.
  6. Scalability: How and to which extent can we scale it up?
  7. Appealing: Can you make people enthusiastic for your idea?
  8. Team: You don’t necessarily need to have the perfect team in place, but is your team committed? How are you connected to organisations that can bring your idea further? Do you have solid knowledge and experience in the context of the idea? And are you open for new approaches and new collaborations?

September 8th – Selecting three nominees
On September 8th, the jury will select three nominees based on the delivered development during The Spindle Summer Labs and their presentation during the last Summer Lab. The jury will also take into account the above criteria and will inform all contestants on their final selection process.

September 21th – Pitch Training
On this afternoon all teams will (re)write their pitches and practice it. The workshop is hosted by Bram Alkema, member of The Spindle Inspiration Council.

October 12th – The Winner!
The three final nominees will pitch their idea at the Partos Innovation Festival, the 12th of October in Amsterdam. After the pitches, our jury will select the winner of Best Idea 2017. All criteria, the progress of the idea and the final pitch play part when deciding upon the winner.

Terms & Conditions
When you apply for Best Idea 2017 you agree to our Terms & Conditions Best Idea 2017.
If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact us through

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