MIDIs 2020: Digital Co-Creation Day

The 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovaitons (MIDIs) 2020 work one full day to tackle a particular bottleneck on their road to thriving

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This year, The Spindle, the innovation platform of Partos, provides the opportunity for inspiring digital innovations in the field of development cooperation to be listed on both The Spindle and Partos website, known for its broad reach amongst Dutch NGOs. From all the applications received, the Expert Group selects The 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations (MIDIs). These 30 MIDIs win a professional pitch video created by our video maker and the opportunity to participate in this Digital Co-Creation session in which they will tackle a specific challenge in their road to success.

During this online day event, the organisations behind the 30 MIDIs will tackle a particular bottleneck on the road to thriving. In a dynamic, good facilitated process, they work together with the other 29 MIDIs on each other’s challenges in order to find fitting solutions. This way, all the 30 MIDIs are supported in improving their innovation, and make their MIDI even more inspiring! How does a Digital Co-Creation Day work? To get an impression of the process, you can take a look at a similar event here.

Practical details:
When:   September 15, 2020
Where:  Online
Who:     The 30 Most Inspiring Digital Innovations 2020
Why:     To tackle a challenge and co-create even more digital innovative power

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