Community of Practice on Innovative Finance #2: Social Franchising and Cash Transfers

Come and join the discussion on Tuesday, June 18!

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Interested in knowing more about social franchise models for NGOs? What is the difference between conditional and unconditional cash transfers, and what about their effectiveness and pitfalls? Join us on June 18 at the next meeting of our recently formed Community of Practice on Innovative Finance for Development. The following session will take place on July 2, and more will follow after the summer!

As concluded after February’s session on “How to raise sustainable income streams: the importance of non-profit business” and the first meeting of this CoP in April, in the upcoming months The Spindle will organise a number of sessions on how different organisations are working with innovative ways of financing development. Each session will touch upon on one or two innovative financing instruments that are currently being explored, experimented or implemented. The main goal of these meetings is to exchange on the topic and discuss experiences, success stories, pitfalls and recommendations regarding each financing instrument. While the sessions’ setting is confidential, the main insights and lessons learnt will also be shared through a blog series produced by Han Valk Fundraising Consultancy & Interim Management.

The session of June 18 will focus on social franchising and cash transfers. Social franchising is the application of commercial franchising to organisations that pursue social missions rather than profit. In this model, the NGO – or, in some cases, a social enterprise – creates a network of independent operators (I.e. local organisations) that offer the same services according to a common framework developed by the franchisor. Aflatoun is currently implementing this model within their international network, so they will contribute to the session by sharing their experiences with it.

Cash transfers are direct transfer payments of money to people, mostly in cases of humanitarian emergency but sometimes also within more general development programmes. Cash transfers can be either conditional or unconditional, and their (overall and respective) impact is often highly debated. CARE NL and Plan International NL, as partners of the Dutch Relief Alliance, will share their experiences and present their approach together with 100weeks and Cash4all4life, two interesting social projects.

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Practical details
Tuesday, June 18, 2019
Time: 15.00-17.00 (+ networking drinks)
Location: Partos’s offices (Ellermanstraat 18B, 1099 BX Amsterdam-Duivendrecht).

The following meeting of the CoP on Innovative Finance will revolve around other social franchising models and performance-based financing and will take place on July 2 (@ Do not wait, subscriptions are already open (send an e-mail to! For updates on the next steps of this Community, make sure to keep an eye on our website.

CoP on Innovative Finance #2: Social Franchising and Cash Transfers

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