Digital Journey: Sharpen the Results

Preparation is Key!

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In order to get the Joint Action Groups fully prepared for the Hackathon, we organise another online meeting in which the JAGs can discover their needs and explore possible beneficial collaborations which the Contributors!

In the morning of May 26, the Joint Action Groups will come together again in their Zoom breakout rooms, to collaborate and sharpen their envisioned result. They will discuss their plans for their designs with the Contributors, expertise and ideas will be shared, and the JAG members decide which Contributors are valuable for the envisioned result of their JAG.

After sharpening the envisioned result, the JAG’s will focus on what they need to prepare before the Hackathon on June 5. Tasks get divided, and the JAG members can ask the facilitators anything they wish. All to get the most out of the Digital Journey!

Do you want to know more about the Digital Journey? Have a look at the Digital Journey Magazine or contact Margreet van der Pijl (

Practical details
Preparation for the Hackathon
When: May 26 10:00-12:00
Where: a zoom invitation will be shared with you beforehand

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