The Future of New Media

How do NGOs bring stories closer to their audiences? Possibilities of using Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in your work.

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In 2018, The Spindle and HumanityX (Centre for Innovation of Leiden University) collaborate in organising a series of monthly inspirational working sessions for our mutual communities! In these sessions we’ll explore the relevance of (technological) trends for the future of development cooperation. The sessions are high in energy and always involve an expert. See what’s going on and get more grip on the implications and ideas that would work!

What can you expect?

  • Increasing understanding of new (technology) trends
  • Identifying potential applications and use cases with real-life examples
  • Knowing how to get started in leveraging these opportunities for your organisation
  • Knowing trajectories to bring ideas further, the networks and methods to do so

We will start for now with three Future Sessions: on VR/AR & 360 video, Online Learning and a reprise on Blockchain (please feel free to bring in your own topics of interest for following inspirational sessions).

February 27: The Future of New Media
Possibilities of using Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality in your work. How do NGOs bring stories closer to their audiences? How can it help us to better understand what’s going on around you in case of a disaster? How can this facilitate more immersive storytelling?

During this session you will explore how your organisation can benefit from new media technologies, together with the Centre for Innovation’s New Media Lab. The session will be organised together with the Lab’s research fellow Jeanine Reutemann and the video-maker Thomas Hurkxkens.

March 27: The Future of Online Learning:
In this creative session you will get the chance to work on a learning challenge and design and prototype a learning solution. Will it be a MOOC, SPOC or rather a chatbot? You can work on your own learning challenge or help a team by another organization. The session will be facilitated by Joitske Hulsebosch from EnnuOnline, writer of the book ‘Leren in tijden van tweets, apps en likes.

April 24: The Future with Blockchain technology:
What development issues can potentially be tackled using blockchain technology? Where are the frontrunners, not awaiting the debate and where have people begun already? What is more hype than practice? And what are (for now) incompatibilities and imperfections?


Location: The Hague Humanity HubFluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague
ime: 15.30h-18.00h with networking drinks after!

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The Future of New Media

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