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Accelerating the Digital Transformation within the Dutch Development Sector: join us on a Digital Journey!

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In 2020, The Spindle and the Hague Humanity Hub collaborate in organising a series of (almost) monthly inspirational working sessions for our mutual communities! In these sessions, we’ll explore the relevance of (technological) trends for the future of development cooperation. The sessions are high in energy and always involve an expert. See what’s going on and get more grip on the implications and ideas that would work!

Information and communication technologies (ICT) offer opportunities and solutions for sustainable development around the world. In particular, digital innovations, methods and approaches can help us to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda more quickly, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. They can also be significant drivers of sustainable development, opening doors to knowledge, education and the labour market, improving and simplifying communication and creating opportunities for new business ideas. When they are used in health care or education, for example, digital innovations can help improve living conditions, especially those of disadvantaged social groups. Also, these innovations have the potential to assist with realising climate goals.

Anno 2020, the world is moving towards a new era in which digital innovations need to be integrated within broader (digital) existing ecosystems to create actual impact and stay sustainable. However, too often the development sector is developing (expensive) stand-alone digital solutions that do not reach their full potential because existing (digital) ecosystems were not taking into account during the development phase.

Let’s go on a The Digital Journey
This year, The Spindle – as the innovation platform of Partos – will facilitate a so-called Digital Journey for the connected and intrapreneurial innovators of Dutch development organisations, the so-called Linking Pins. Together they’ll explore digital commonalities such as tools and ways of working that various development organisations already work with or wish to start working with. After, the LinkingPins will form Joint Action Groups that work together during facilitated events and build an actual product.

Important note: becoming a LinkingPin within this Digital Journey is possible for Partos-members only. Yet, in a later phase of the journey others can contribute to various actions (stay tuned!). Therefore, this Future Session is open to everyone who’s interested in this topic. Together with all the participants, we will explore opportunities to join forces and explore possible joint action groups that are ready to build a digital innovation in the coming year!

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As an inspiration, Alexander Medik from Aidsfonds Soa Aids Nederland will share examples of how their Stepped Care Model is providing a system through which various digital health solutions (websites, chatbots, educational games, etc.) can reach their full potential by being integrated within a broader (digital) ecosystem. Examples will be provided from the Netherlands, Kenya and South-Africa.

Practical information
Date: Tuesday 25th of February
Location: Humanity Hub, The Hague, Fluwelen Burgwal 58
Time: 15:00 – 17:00

Future Session: Accelerating the Digital Transformation within the Dutch Development Sector!

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