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On May 31 (16h-20h),  The Spindle organises an interactive work session with its Inspiration Swarm and some other dedicated people about A Future We Want, (and how to get there).

Last April, the final report on the Future Exploration called ‘Adapt, Counteract or Transform’, the future of Dutch development cooperation’, was handed over to Christiaan Rebergen, Director-General International Cooperation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Future Exploration is a product of a lot of people that are more or less familiar with the international development sector. To challenge this inside-out thinking, we could use your fresh and blunt opinions to signal our blind spots. Do you feel like sharpening our next steps? As systemic change and transformation are felt needed, your input and insights will be most welcome!

Get insights on the future of Dutch development cooperation
Make sure you read the report and be inspired with the upcoming transformation of Dutch development cooperation! During the session you might come up with ideas for your own organisation and how to be prepared for the future, and get acquainted with our Inspiration Swarm; a network of interesting people that advises The Spindle!

The session will be facilitated by Petra de Boer from Perspectivity, whom facilitated the complete trajectory up to now. Do you want to be part of this session? Subscribe below!


Location: Amsterdam (exact location to be confirmed)
Time: 16h – 20h
More information: mail to Annewies Kuipers via

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